Chris Halliday

New to Somatics

The term somatic was coined by one of the founders of the somatic movement Thomas Hanna. Soma is Greek meaning body. Hanna used the term Somatic to describe life as experienced from within itself.


‘A soma isn’t a body, and it isn’t a mind, it’s a process’


Somatic Movement Education SME is a natural and gentle experiential approach to reversing and preventing chronic aches and pains as you learn to sense and move your body the way nature intended.

The movements are designed to override Sensory Motor Amnesia by reawakening communication between the brain and the muscles. Everyone over the age of twenty has this motor amnesia a condition caused by our body’s unconscious involuntary muscular responses to our environment.

The brain controls the muscles. The muscles move the bones.

Our brain contracts our muscles in response to day to day stress, trauma, repeated movement patterns, and injury. When these muscle contractions become chronic, they cause back and joint stiffness, aches and pains, and exhaustion – the symptoms many of us have come to accept as the inevitable process of aging. 

This loss of comfort is not aging, it is contracted muscles, and it is both reversable and preventable through Somatic Movement Education.

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