Chris Halliday

About Chris

Chris first became actively interested in movement, bodies and what makes people tick whilst working in the world of film and television acting, physical theatre and circus in the 1990’s. During this time, he saw how injury, stress and repeated patterns of movement were often unsuccessfully treated by conventional approaches and drugs.

He knew that there must be a better way, a different way for the body to be able to cope with the stresses and strains which everyday life can bring, as well as the pain from injury damage and more prolonged conditions.

Being an inquisitive soul, Chris began searching out this knowledge and over the years has trained alongside some inspiring teachers. A depth of understanding, and open mindedness and a kind consideration of possibilities informs all Chris’ learning and research.

Since 2002 Chris has been successfully utilising his wealth of experience and training using Somatics and Trager and making use of techniques from remedial massage and transformational breathing too. Chris tailors his approach to each individual client using his intuitive style to ensure that each client reaches their goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

With an active and playful early life enjoying climbing, hiking and cycling, Chris understands the joy of strong flexible movement with awareness.

When so many of us have habituated patterns of work life and day to day living Chris main interest lies in sharing ways that all people to experience themselves in a more open space which lightens their load – physically, mentally and emotionally.