Chris Halliday

More about Somatics

The body is a self-sensing, self-adjusting and self-correcting. Infants develop their sensory motor self-awareness as they learn to control their muscles. As children grow and life becomes busier, they become more focussed on their external environment and they begin to lose this valuable sensory self-awareness, because it requires some attention in order to be maintained. Most people lose significant sensory self-awareness by the time they are twenty years old, if not sooner. It is a slow, subtle process. The irony of Sensory Motor Amnesia is, unless you are already experiencing tension and pain, you can’t know you have it, because the very nature of it is the absence of self-awareness. When you cannot sense your body from within, your body’s ability to self-correct and move freely has been compromised.

Somatic Movement Education identifies three major reflex patterns which can become habitually held in a state of contraction and are at the root of most chronic aches and pains. The Green Light Reflex, The Red Light Reflex and the Trauma Reflex. 

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